Working five days a week can get stressful. It can leave you irritable and tired by the time you have the weekend to spend with your loved ones. That situation can really hinder your relationships with them. It is important for your mental health to reduce your workers stress. Wellness retreats can be an easy solution. Here at Dadeland Travel, we have all the necessary information to get you where you need to be, some even here in Boca Raton! Contact us today!


What Does a Weekend Getaway Near Me Entail?

Retreats offer a great opportunity to put down your everyday responsibilities and duties while joining like-minded people in cultivating mindfulness, concentration, and insight. During the course of a retreat, participants can deepen their mindfulness practice, learn new meditation techniques to facilitate healing and transformation, gain a better understanding of the Buddha’s teachings and their own minds, and return home renewed and even transformed. It is truly a rejuvenating experience.


What Do Wellness Retreats Entail?

Days of mindfulness are conducted typically as silent mini-retreats to encourage looking within, paying attention to our breath, and being mindful of the present moment. They provide an opportunity to spend an extended time in mindfulness, to practice sitting and walking meditation, enjoy nature, hear a Dharma talk and/or participate in a discussion. Sometimes, there is a longer opportunity to have questions answered, in an “Open Forum” format with teachers.


Who Are We?

We specialize in both corporate and leisure travel. We are a travel company that will help you find the mindfulness retreat that you have been looking for. No longer will you be burdened with that awful research process of googling “weekend getaways near me”.


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Dadeland Travel is a fully accredited travel agency and proud member of IATAN, ARC, and Travelsavers. Our Royal Elite Leisure team is ready to help you carry out your vacation from beginning to end, all while making the process stress free!


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We have all the contacts and connections you need to set you up with the perfect facility that offers wellness retreats. There are various choices to choose from in the Boca Raton area that can be aimed toward your business or your family! Dadeland Travel Management Group differentiates itself from its competitors by providing unique and personalized services to every customer. We pay the highest value on the quality and individualized attention we provide. Detailed control of operations and permanent communication with our passengers permits us to meet and exceed their expectations. Our customers’ satisfaction with their business trip or vacation is a responsibility we take very seriously. You will no longer need to google the phrase “weekend getaways near me.” Call us today and see what options we have to offer you!