Some jobs require frequent business trips both locally and across the world. It can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming to plan and figure out where to go for your next business venture. However, it is very possible to make your business trip unforgettable for not only your clients but for yourself as well. There are places across the world that are perfect for conducting business and for exploring the many things they have to offer. Dazzle your future clients and/or partners by showing them the greatest cities to make things happen. This is why we have put together a list of the top five best business travel destinations.

Toronto, Ontario

As a city that’s one of the biggest in North America that is situated between some of the biggest, it is a big place for business due to its location. It is considered the New York of Canada and has the largest conference space in Canada. Chances of making it easy for your clients or potential partners to meet here is very high.

It’s also a fast-growing city, “Toronto has added the most technology jobs in the past five years and has the fourth-best tech talent market in Canada and the U.S. [So] Toronto ranks highest in tech jobs growth in Canada, U.S.”

It’s super diverse with over 130 languages spoken and more than half of its population from a different Canada, which makes it a very eclectic place to eat as well with different restaurant cuisines from all over. From Asian to South American to Caribbean food you can find it all which makes this great for business because of the chances of pleasing all of your clients while taking them out for dinner!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This party city is actually a huge place for business, Rio is the most popular business hub of Brazil, which is the seventh largest economy in the world. As a place known for its oil and energy industries, it is thriving in consumer goods so you will have plenty of things to buy for your guests or clients.

One of the best things you can do for anyone new to Rio is taking them to an all-you-can-eat meal at a Brazilian churrascaria where they feed you unlimited portions of different cuts of fine steaks plus a salad bar with other sides. The meat doesn’t stop unless you say no.

London, England

London was once ranked the world’s most popular city, and it’s easy to see when you notice how easy it is to get to it. It has six airports so flying in or out is super easy, and public transportation is one of the best in the world, especially because of how centrally compact the city is. Cabs can be found within seconds that will take you to over 1,500 hotels or many of the new award-winning restaurants that London has to offer.


Singapore is a hub for innovation and progress, especially in the world of finance and transportation. It attracts business people for many reasons, one of them being Singapore’s Changi Airport which is ranked number one in the world for its 24-hour movie theater, butterfly garden, and rooftop pool. In addition, it is a place for exquisite food due to its Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian influences. You and your clients and/or partners will be dazzled and inspired by the amount of technological advancement and architecture that there is to see and do in Singapore.

Orlando, Florida

The home of Mickey Mouse is more than just a massive playground for children. For business people, there is a high concentration of hotels, golf courses and restaurants (including those of some celebrity chefs). Not to mention the array of convention centers that surround one of the most visited cities in the world.

In addition, we cannot talk about Orlando without mentioning one of the greatest experiences known to man: Walt Disney’s world-renowned theme parks, and the dozens of other theme parks this city boasts. Get business done then go explore the endless array of activities and attractions with your family, a business trip and vacation all in one!

To help you plan your next business trip to one of these top-ranked cities contact us at Dadeland Travel so we can take care of the planning and you can focus on the important things. What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to provide unique and personalized services to every customer. We pay the highest value on the quality and individualized attention we provide. Detailed control of operations and permanent communication with our passengers permits us to meet and exceed their expectations. Our customers’ satisfaction on their business trip or vacation is a responsibility we take very seriously.​

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