You have waited for months for this dream trip that is coming so soon. You saved money for this and you told all your friends so everything is set. Just one thing, you only have one suitcase and the stores are closed. Oh no! Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to pack your bags easier no matter where you are going!

Lay Out All Your Items Before Packing

Before you actually start packing go ahead and lay out all your items on your bed to see what it is you are taking. This will give you a better roadmap to how you’ll be packing everything in.

Get Rid Of ⅓ of What You Laid Out

Use the 80/20 Rule (The Pareto Principle) to get rid of 80% of the clothes or items you never use. Ask yourself, “what is 20% of these items will I use 80% of the time?” And then only bring those items, with maybe a tiny bit extra underwear and socks for security.

Pack Shoes First

Always pack your shoes first. Put them in your suitcase from heel to toe so they take up less space. Also, pack your socks INSIDE of your shoes to take up even less space. This will also hold the shape of your shoes and [revent wrinkling in the fronts. If you possibly have space go ahead and roll up your underwear and shove them in your shoes if there’s room!

Fill In The Gaps

Once your shoes are in place make sure to take up the tiny gaps of space with any extra underwear or socks or miscellaneous items that didn’t fit inside your shoes.

Fill In With Soft Items

Fold soft items like your t-shirts, shorts, jerseys, and tights and fill in the gaps with those items and take up the rest of the space with them.

Fold Your Nice Clothes in Layers On Top

Once all the room is gone you can them put your most important items on top. It’s tricky but works wonders, you place one item like a sports coat, pairs of jeans, a dress, or pair of slacks with one half of it in the suitcase and the other half outside hanging out of the suitcase. Do the same thing on the other side with another important item making sure to put half in and half out, by alternating them in an even layer until you have all your nice clothes set. Finally, one by one fold the items back into the suitcase. Make sure not to out your collared shirts yet.

Throw A Bag From The Dry Cleaners On Top Of Your Packing

This really works to get all the items to adjust and fill the available space left of air thanks to the slipperiness of the bag.

Put Awkward Shaped Items On Top And In the Middle

These extra items will need to be placed in the middle and on top of the bag you put over your other items. Putting them in the middle gives them added protection.

Double Bag You Toiletries

This will prevent any spilling or damaging clothes. Having lotion spill all over your shoes isn’t fun to clean up.

Put Belts Along The Inside Edge Of Your Case

Instead of rolling them up just simply put them along the edge of the inside of your suitcase in a snake-like fashion to give extra space.

Fold And Place Collard Shirts On Top To Add The Final Layer

Instead of rolling them up just simply put them along the edge of the inside of your suitcase in a snake-like fashion to give extra space.

VIOLA! Now you are set and off to your dream destination!

Now that we helped with tips on how to pack your bags easier, let us make your life EVEN easier by allowing us to plan your dream getaway today! Don’t wait, contact us today so that we can make what you always desired a true reality in 2019!

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