You’ve been waiting months for this and the day has arrived where you depart for your dream vacation to a place you’ve never even imagined, but there’s only one problem you aren’t even sure what to pack and you leave tomorrow morning! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Below we have listed the main things you’ll need when embarking on any adventure.


Could you imagine forgetting your toothbrush while you’re about to meet tons of new people? There’s nothing worse than not feeling like you look or smell your best. So, never forget your toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, and other bathroom items that make you look and feel your best. If you’re a woman and you use makeup this includes makeup and other accessories.


Having enough of the right clothes is essential to enjoying your stay at a new destination. This includes pants and jackets for cold places or short sleeves and shorts for hot humid places. If you plan to do more than just lounge on the beach you’ll need more than just swimwear. Be sure to pack a few fancy items in case you go for a night on the town or out to a nice dinner. Always pack more underwear than you think you will need and plenty of socks (you can never have enough of those). A good place to start is by packing two outfits per day that you will be away plus two pairs of socks and underwear for each day. Also, remember to pack sleepwear so you can sleep feeling cozy in your favorite nightgown or sleepwear.


Plane rides are never the most entertaining places to be, so it’s important to be prepared for long flights where there’s nothing to do or watch for hours at a time. Be sure to bring your laptop, phone, books, Ipads, Kindle or other devices so you can not waste (or dread) your idle time. Especially, if you have work that you have to get done in order to relax and let go when you arrive at your destination, it’s a good idea to be prepared with what you need.

Important Identification Documents

You can’t board any planes or go overseas these days without a passport and/or license/ID. This is a must if you wish to go through the boarding process without a headache and prevent turning around in the first place. It feels good to show up to your location smoothly with no hiccups but if you forget your form of Identification then you will probably spend half of your time stressed and wasted having to turn around. Always pack any important documents and ID cards you’ll need.

Cash and Cards

The one thing you can’t replace easily is cash or credit cards. So, this is the one set of items on the list we believe to be the most important or all. Having enough cash or credit handy can mean the difference between a good time or a bad time when you’re far away from home. What if you want to buy yourself something nice from a foreign place and you can’t? Or worse you see a souvenir that would make a loved one’s heart melt back home but you forgot your wallet…Never forget to bring more than enough cash to pay for the extra items you deserve.

Make sure to pack these 5 main things for every trip you take so you can enjoy your vacation stress-free. If you want help planning your next getaway with less stress and more ease then contact us at Dadeland Travel so we can make your next dream a reality!

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