Could mindfulness retreats actually increase your profits and increase your business by helping your employees to reduces stress and rejuvenate?

The more advanced we get as a civilization the more valuable having time to regenerate and recharge become. As a business owner, you understand the power in working hard so you expect your employees to be the same way. You spent years building your company and have accumulated so much blood sweat and tears to your baby that you want others, including your employees, to value it as much as you do. But, no matter how hard people work there comes a time when their productivity and their performance drops off unless they have time to take care of their bodies and their minds. Especially, if you want your employees to feel loved and appreciated as partners and employees and not as slaves.

This is why it’s becoming more and more common for employers to take their sales teams, marketing department, and/or entire staff on mindfulness retreats. Below we have listed the top 5 reasons to take your employees on mindfulness retreats so you can know the benefits for you and them.

Reason #1: Increases in personal performance among your staff.

There was a study that might prove this to be true, “These preliminary data suggest that compared to the pre-intervention period, the intervention period was associated with greater reductions in burnout and perceived stress, improvements in mindfulness, well-being, and increases in the team and organizational climate and personal performance.” Increased productivity could mean greater profits making your investment of their mental, emotional, and physical health more than worth it.

Reason #2: More positive feelings around the office.

When your employees are put on deadlines it adds to the pressure they already have on themselves. This can create a very hostile environment. A mindfulness retreat can make for a more enjoyable environment around the office for periods before the retreat due to the excitement and for many weeks and months after due to the gratitude and much-needed decompression.

Reason #3: They will like you, your company more, and be willing to work harder.

When your employees are rewarded for their efforts they are driven to do reach their goals faster, with more determination, AND more enthusiasm. It’s a natural human reaction to the desire for pleasure. It’s one of the laws of the universe, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. And by the Law of Reciprocity, people want to reciprocate when they are given something. You make them happy they will want to make you happy. Give them an unforgettably relaxing and rejuvenating retreat to take the burdens of life away for a few days and they will forever want to perform their best in hopes for another. It’s a win-win.

Reason #4: Less stress to you as the employer.

Our environment shapes us. It’s very easy to not realize that we become like those we surround ourselves with, especially when you are the boss that is there almost around the clock. And if our employees are sick, upset, burnt out, overworked, and resentful towards you then this can make you start to feel those same feelings. It would be better for your sense of well being if they felt gratitude and peace instead of fatigue and stress.

Reason #5: Better customer service.

One of the greatest entrepreneurs of our century said it best: “Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” -Richard Branson.

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